"You have talked of feelings i want to feel and sights i want to see."

African American In Africa is a rapidly growing collective founded on the need to amplify the perspectives of travelers and expats of color across the African continent.

We publish interviews and personal reflections from African diasporans who have lived or are currently living on the Africa continent. We also provide tips and resources specifically tailored to travelers of African descent to help them prepare for a relocation or vacation on the African continent.

Our voices, footprints, and experiences take us on the long-awaited journeys back home, picking up where our ancestors left off, and shedding encouragement for those daring to break the conventional.

If you’re captivated by Black expat life and travels across the African continent, you’ve found your village. 


Founding Editor, Kaylan Reid Shipanga, created African American In Africa in 2013.

Founding Editor, Kaylan Reid Shipanga, created African American In Africa in 2013.

About Editor-in-Chief,
Kaylan Reid Shipanga

Kaylan Reid Shipanga is an African destination travel writer and Howard University journalism graduate originally from NY, NY, who has been continually drawn to a life abroad. Since 2005, she has worked in broadcast, print and online media in both the U.S. and Namibia for news platforms such as the NBC News Washington Bureau.

Kaylan has lived in Barbados, the nation of her matrilineal lineage; then, life brought her to the nation of Namibia. She chronicles her experiences abroad in Namibia on this website and on her Youtube channel ‘Afro American in Africa’.

Connect with the editor

Kaylan can be reached at Kaylan@aainafrica.com. She is also available to write content for your blog or website. View her writing portfolio or learn more about her services here.  


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