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Experience our ancestral impact.


"Extremely inspiring."

“Extremely inspiring given that most people don’t have anything good to say about Nigeria. Kudos to you and wishing you all the best. Keep you positive outlook up!!!” – In response to our feature on Jocelyn whose living in Nigeria.


"Great perspective."

“Awesome article. Great perspective on life overseas.” – In response to our feature on Jamal whose living in Kenya.


"I want to see Africa for myself."

“OMG thank you so much for making this video and sharing your experience! I am planing to come to Africa, but I don’t know where to visit and I hear so many things to where I’m just lost on really what to expect, but I haven’t heard enough to stop me from planing on taking a trip there lol…I’m from the states as well, Alabama to be exact…I’m currently overseas as well and it’s always been my goal to visit Africa and now that I’m on this side of the world I want to see Africa for myself…you just don’t know how grateful I am that you are making videos of your experience in Africa, thank you soo much!”


"I owed it to myself as well as my ancestors."

“I am Jamaican and I’ve made that journey back to Africa twice Gambia and Ghana I felt I owed it to myself as well as my ancestors both experiences were mind blowing and they welcomed me back home with open arms very friendly people.”


"Africa is a place I always dreamed of."

“I will be returning to the Ivory Coast with my husband and my children this year, and your video inspires me. Even though I speak to my in-laws on Facebook and on the phone sometimes, i can’t wait to go to the land of our ancestors, and to meet my in-laws face to face. I hope to visit the village where he grew up too. Africa is a place I always dreamed of going to, and seeing others like myself who are so open minded and free makes me proud. Blessings to you in your marriage…peace.”


"I miss Africa."

“I’m in New York and I miss Africa. I think I will be back home this year.“


"Go by faith and not by sight."

“This can be everyone’s dream come true when we ignore the fear, go by faith and not by ssight, remember we have been taught to think and believe the worst of the African Continent, and so far I have heard nothing but blessings and wonderful things from many who have left for their roots. Shalom :-)”


“Beautiful!  I’ve been on youtube now for about an hour drowning in the goddess that is Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche and I saw your channel. My husband has visited Africa and lived in Senegal for a year.  I’ve never been but I’m trying to decide where to visit.  Namibia, Tanzania, Ghana and Botswana are some of my choices.  Yes, I’ve heard often that the African people don’t like American blacks and I”m happy to hear that’s not true.  Even if it was, I don’t think it would have prevented me from coming.  Looking forward to watching your channel and learning more about Namibia.  Thanks for doing this!”


"Nice insight into an African county."

“Thank you my sista for posting and giving people a nice insight to an African country. I think we all yearn to be around our African brothers and sistas. I went to Salvador Brazil, which have a large African presence outside of Africa, and I loved it. Next year I will be traveling to Africa, I can’t wait.” 


"We are starving for the information you give us."

“You have really tapped into an area of need for the African American people. We are starving for the information you give us. I have made many African friends whom I love dearly and they have taught me and reeducated me about Africa. The misconception and the myths about the country is so embedded in the minds of African Americans that even I was shocked to find out how deceived I was. I would love to travel there and I intend on doing so in a few years when I have the money to do so.”


"Experience the culture."

“I was in Johannesburg and Morocco. I encourage Afro Americans to travel in general. I don’t mean spending on shopping and hotels. Experience the culture, sense of common-unity, food, smells, connect with the locals, explode myths- bring back more than suitcases of stuff. NGOs have painted a sad pic of the Whole of Africa while non diaspora people pillage and promote a bad image. Thank you my sister for showing there is development, growth- a dignified side. Ghanaians and Kenyans are on a path to create wealth and a legacy, these are two countries I am planning to visit and build, I encourage the diaspora to go too.”


"You're making me homesick!"

“Aaargh, you’re making me homesick! I was born (given up for adoption and raised) in Norway, although my mother was from a place called Engela in the Ohangwena region. I’ve only been there once in my entire life, but I hope that I can move back there one day in the near future. But before that, I’ll learn Oshivambo hehe.”