7 Cultural Festivals You Don't Want To Miss In Mozambique

A Mozambican road.   (Credit: Evenfh/Shutterstock.com)

A Mozambican road. 
(Credit: Evenfh/Shutterstock.com)

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Looking for a tropical African oasis to spice up your vacation time? Then Mozambique is the place to be.

This Portuguese speaking nation is nestled in south eastern Africa just below Tanzania. Mozambique rests alongside the pristine turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

But Mozambique is much more than her balmy beaches and serene lakes. The country boasts a rich cultural heritage of struggle and liberation. As a result, Mozambican history is intertwined with several lively festivities.

Keep reading to discover seven cultural festivals you don’t want to miss in Mozambique.

7 Mozambican Festivals To Put On Your Calendar

Gwaza Muthini Festival (February)

Pay homage to those who resisted colonial rule at the annual Gwaza Muthini Festival. This event takes place in Marracuene town, about 30 km north of Maputo.

Every year locals come together with traditional food, song, and dance. The celebrations honor those who died in the 1895 Battle of Marracuene.

And don’t leave Marracuene without taking a swig of some Canhu. It’s a traditional beer made from the local Amarula tree. Entry is free.

AGZO Festival (May)

Yearning to experience the mesmerizing arts and culture scene of southern Africa? Then you won’t want to miss the AGZO Festival held annually in Maputo.

This international arts festival showcases the region’s finest musicians, artists, and filmmakers. It’s three days of captivating performances from local and international artists. And it puts Mozambique on the map as a premier destination for music lovers.

'AGZO' is an old Maputo slang that means, "let's go". So, go and mark your calendars now for May. You don’t want to miss the AGZO experience.

Independence Day Festivities (June 25th)

Another Mozambican festivity to attend is an Independence Day celebration. You can observe the day in a small village or attend a larger parade in Maputo. You’ll find lively parties and ceremonies across the country.

Want to catch a glimpse of Mozambique’s Commander In Chief? See President Nyusi in real time with his military procession in the national parade.

Chopi Music Festival (end of July - August)

Culture enthusiasts will be captivated at Mozambique’s yearly Chopi Festival. This event showcases the musical heritage of the Chopi people.

Listen to traditional songs played with instruments like the timbila, unique to Mozambique. And prepare to be wowed by the talent of the elder Chopi musicians. If you’re a buff of ancestral heritage, this festival will leave you enchanted.

Tambo International Art Camp (July)

Drive north to the port city of Pemba for Mozambique’s Tambo International Art Camp. This week long affair flaunts the culture and tradition of local and international artists. It also promotes cultural exchange. This is because visitors get the chance to swap creative art ideas with locals.

It also promotes cultural exchange. This is because visitors get the chance to swap creative art ideas with locals.

Celebrate cultural diversity through the camp’s art, dance, theatre and music performances.

Marrabenta Festival (February)

Move your hips to the rhythms of Marrabenta, Mozambique’s national music. This style of dance hails back to 1930s-1940s Maputo. It remains wildly popular on Mozambique's dance scene to this day.

The Marrabenta Festival is known for being one of Mozambique’s liveliest fests. You’ll be seduced by the rhythmical performances of this historic music genre.

The festival also coincides with the Gwaza Muthini Festival. Help preserve Marrabenta by joining in on this annual fest.

Kinani Contemporary Dance Festival (October)

Lose yourself in the beauty of modern African dance at the Kinani Contemporary Dance Festival. This event held annually at venues around Maputo promotes contemporary African dance.

Attendees can expect a medley of dance performances, workshops and discussions with local and international art scenes reps. Each year a different theme is chosen in celebration of modern African dance.

Experience the Vibrant Culture of Mozambique Today

Ready to journey to this south eastern African getaway? Then pack your bags and book a trip to Mozambique now. The blend of blue-green waters and the lively cultural scene will make for an unforgettable experience.