Want To Move To Africa And Be Your Own Boss? You Need This Book

Think you've got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in Africa? You probably do!

Think you've got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in Africa? You probably do!

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IMAGINE. Working for yourself. Having your own business. In Africa. The final frontier. 

Are you ready to get involved? Then 101 Ways to Make Money in Africa is the perfect place to begin your journey. Now is the time for you to take the leap. Leave the West behind and explore the endless business opportunities on the African continent.

For many in the West, entrepreneurship seems totally unattainable. However, Africa boasts a wealth of opportunity for everyone. Many are already actively involved, particularly the Chinese.

A "China shop" in northern Namibia, similar to an American dollar store.

A "China shop" in northern Namibia, similar to an American dollar store.

Do you dream of being an entrepreneur in Africa but struggle with how to begin? Then let's get into why you need this book.

Why You Need This Book To Get Your African Business Ideas Off The Ground

Africa is huge. It has 54 vastly different countries and governments and thousands of tribes. To a foreigner, the idea of how to do business on the continent can feel extremely complex and frankly, overwhelming.

101 Ways to Make Money in Africa is the perfect way to begin your research. It provides a simple yet comprehensive breakdown of the vast array of business opportunity across Africa.

101 Ways to Make Money in Africa will:

  • Guide you through the various types of business ideas in Africa and the specific countries they exist in. 
  • Explain the market potential for each business idea.
  • Give you practical action steps to start your journey into making money in Africa.
  • Share African business success stories of people who started from the bottom and much more...

From baby clothing lines to exporting finished products made from local produce, there’s a brilliant and doable business idea in this book for everyone.

Who This Book Is Best For

  • Anyone considering moving to Africa and starting a business with a socially responsible approach.
  • This is also an extremely useful resource for those of us already living abroad on the continent.
  • In addition, this book will benefit continental Africans looking to learn more about the plethora of business opportunities on their continent.

More Positives Of This Awesome Book

  • 101 Ways to Make Money in Africa details actual business ideas in various African nations. It includes specific resources and action steps to put ideas into action.
  • Another thing I enjoyed is that it is very in touch with the current climate of life across Africa. For example, it highlights how you can start a business that appeals to Africa’s growing middle class.
  • This is not a boring book! Honestly, entrepreneurship books generally do not excite me. However, this was an exciting, interesting and easy read. 
  • I really appreciated how the book highlighted socially responsible ways of making money in Africa. No pillaging or exploiting.
  • Another pro is that this book offers plenty of ideas for those with or without a lot of start-up capital.
  • Finally, it’s available for download on kindle for those of us who are already living abroad.

What I Also Would’ve Liked To See

Let me be honest. As an American living abroad in Namibia, I've been through hurdles as it relates to immigration. I've chatted with other Americans living across Africa who have experienced similar challenges. 

As a foreigner, doing business in an African nation can be as simple as getting approved for a business visa. However, some countries have steep stipulations about how much money you need to come in with as an investor.

Additionally, bureaucracy, disorganization and contradictory information can riddle the visa approval process. Immigration documents can take a while to be approved. As a result, many aspiring entrepreneurs are forced to take more “back door” routes to doing business.

So, I would’ve like to hear this aspect of integrating into an African nation’s business society addressed. However, this book still has a wealth of information. I truly believe that if you follow the authors’ advice, by default, you will navigate through the various learning curves of immigration. And, you'll naturally find yourself in the right circles of people who can guide you.

How I've Used This Book

This book quickly hit me with several feasible business ideas. It's a few months later and I am already actively working to launch one project here in Namibia where I live. The authors are very on tap with real-time opportunities across the continent. I’ve recommended this book to everyone I can.

the final verdict

In my opinion, this is an excellent resource for anyone serious about making money in Africa. Are you determined to be a boss in Africa? Do you really want to work for yourself and in a socially responsible way? Then 101 Ways to Make Money in Africa is the book for you.

Price On Amazon:
Kindle: $9.99
Paperback: $39.00

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