African Travels: We LOVED Namibia’s Popa Falls And Why You Will Too


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The continent of Africa offers a beautifully diverse array of travel excursions. If you're traveling to southern Africa experiencing the beauty of Namibia's northeast region is a must. Adorn your Namibian tourism by staying at the Popa Falls Resort in Divundu, Namibia.

Seated in Namibia's Kavango East region, the Popa Falls Resort is a Namibian government owned lodge located along the banks of the Kavango River.

Upon arriving, you will drive down a tree-shrouded hill ending at a lush and contemporary entryway into the resort. The sounds of the river running echo in the distance.

Surrounded by small fishing villages, Popa Falls Resort will avail you the chance to experience the local culture along with it's co-existing wildlife. The lodge offers breathtaking game drives as well as boat cruises along Namibia's Kavango River. The boat dock is situated at a former South African army base from apartheid.

The boat that took me along Namibia's Kavango River.

The boat that took me along Namibia's Kavango River.

If you choose to take an afternoon or evening sail, you'll be sure to catch a glimpse of crocodiles and hippos just outside your boat. Your guide will navigate around the many small cascading waterfalls. He will happily answer any questions you have along the way.

Hippos peeking at our boat as we drifted by.

Hippos peeking at our boat as we drifted by.

For accommodation, the lodge offers plush thatch-roof "chalets". Each chalet includes beautifully draped mosquito nets and air-conditioning to keep you comfortable.  After you rest, a delicious restaurant awaits you on Popa Falls premises. The menu boasts various types of Namibia's finest game meat to captivate your taste buds.

Perhaps the best aspect of my stay at Popa Falls was the friendly, overly accommodating staff. It was possibly one of the best customer service experiences I've had throughout my years living in Namibia.

Popa Falls, Divundu, Namibia

Popa Falls, Divundu, Namibia

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Popa Falls and would highly recommend the resort for anyone looking to get a taste of the vibrancy northern Namibia has to offer. As a part of the Namibia Wildlife Resort chain, your business will also directly support the Namibian government.

You can watch videos of my September 2016 weekend at Popa Falls below.

Part 1

Part 2